Bob Jones promoting ''Hands Off'' his first book at Press Conference held at Inflation Nightclub, King Street, Melbourne

Perdiem Publishing

Established in 1983 specifically for the purpose of marketing my first published book ''Hands Off''. A unique new system of self defence against assault for the women of today, inspired primarily by Christine McVie (lead singer of Fleetwood Mac) and the other ladies I had protected and trained on their world tours. They all agreed that I had a message for women that would be best served by being recorded in book form.

With my current book, the first release of an autobiographical trilogy, ''Let The Good Times Roll'' covers my years of touring with Rock and Rolls elite of the era.

As Elaine teaches you, and as you go through the mnemonic movements (memory fixers), her and you and your mirror image all move together in the same direction, making it extremely easy to learn and perfect each technique, simply check (your teacher) Elaine''s posture, then correct yourself with your mirror image.

Read the book (in approximately 2hrs) then practice every day for seven days for approximately fifteen minutes each session…Read the book again on now, the eighth day. Then practice daily for approximately thirty minutes each session - the movements themselves are the warm up.

On the fifteenth day of the program please read the book again (as its this third read that establishes the mnemonic principles), then seven more days of practice for approximately forty five minutes daily is the complete: ''TWENTY ONE DAY TRAINING PROGRAM.''

Having also experienced our wind down MEDITATION TECHNIQUES giving you insight into our Chapter of ACTION, REACTION AND RESULT.

Plus your recently obtained sub-conscious skill acquisition has been subliminally introduced to the physiological and biomechanical aspects of our: BJC -MNEMONIC MOVEMENTS.

From a cardiovascular point of view you will have acquired a degree of fitness, far above your capabilities of only twenty one days ago. From now on I am positive you will want to continue working out with: HANDS OFF PRINCIPLES.

Not only are they the ultimate self defence, if you wear something loose and comfy - play your favourite music nice and loud - these same techniques double as a great aerobic work out in the comfort of your own home…you would have noticed already how much you have toned up in just ''twenty one days'' from now on if you have any to lose, trust me, you will. If you are already firm these work outs will make you…''fighting fit and rock hard''.

You will need to set your work out times to exactly an hour - no more no less, a minimum of two to three times per week, this depends entirely on the individual with time restraints etc.

Now all you need is your boyfriend, brother or father to give you a hand by being ''playfully aggressive'' while they are assimilating the aggressive techniques demonstrated in the Chapter of action, reaction and result. The word playfully is a definitive issue here. As is ''control'' due to your now possible reactions, you will need to definitely use a degree of self control when defending yourself against a loved one.

all bought the book as presents
even the one on the left

In time, with constant serious practice, they and you will build up the level of aggression and make your training sessions more and more believable, thus practical.

Now you will have a newfound degree of awareness, confidence and self esteem that will give you a definite opportunity to avoid being raped. Instead of being paralysed with FEAR…(which by now would only be a False Estimate of the Actual Reality).


Boyfriends, brothers and fathers - you should really seriously think about clicking on the book purchasing section below, this is an ideal surprise present for the woman in your life...girlfriends, sisters, daughters, wives or mothers…all women should have the opportunity to experience this unique system of self defence as it was written for the…''woman of today''.