Pettra EngelÃnder

Pettra EngeländerHorseback Archery Superstar

Pettra has been working for more than 25 years of dance, horses and martial arts.

As a dancer she has worked with famous artists from Berlin and training to dance successfully completed a remedial teacher ITA. She learned various traditional dances whose origins all the martial arts of different cultures are in.

Travelling to Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia, she lived and worked together with a nomadic family and devoted himself intensively to wild horses and their observation in their natural habitat.

Her biggest influences were experienced as part of this journey and inspired her to develop a special type of horse training and movement analysis for both rider and horse, which they name "Hero Warrior Horse".

Pettra EngeländerVisiting Mongolia in 2000, she met Lajos Kassai in Hungray and became his disciple.

Pettra went on to become the country representative of the World Hoseback and Archery Association (HAWA) and the Kassai School in Germany (

She has trained many students and horses in the martial art of archery from horseback, and has become one of the world''s best women in this field.

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Pettra Engeländer in Competition