For the third year in a row I have spent more time in Europe than here in Australia and each time gets more exciting than the previous experience. Another nine months from June last year until March this year seemed more like nine weeks.These three european research trips laid the groundwork for all Celtimania Projects listed on this site.

This website is ideal for pro-active Marketing Executives to have a ‘wander/wonder’ around and if they spotanything they ‘feel’ would suit their companies profile – then its as simple as them contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our Marketing Division will send all relevant information of any enquiry regarding TCB and P-M (Total Cost Budgeting and Prize-money etc,).


Celtimania Projects 2010 - 2016



My first idea of note is a phone-in contest asking European football fans to nominate their... ''PLAYER OF THE DECADE''

All this project needs is a Tele-communications Company and a major naming rights Sponsor to make it work. Actually, the reason I mention this project first is that it needs immediate attention. Due to its format it must be put into action ASAP as it has to be promoted and finalized prior to Xmas this year (2010).

For any enterprising Marketing Executives reading this paragraph, “I have a feeling this idea of mine will generate in excess of a billion phone call responses – that should fit in with almost any companies profile – plus you will be surprised how user friendly this is!”. A billion calls - that should spark a flame in the gut of a Tele-communications Company, if it sparks a burning hot-flame – maybe we should set a meeting yesterday?




My second of many ideas is to stage a EUROPEAN KICKBOXING CUP - 2012 to coincide with the finals of the EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CUP – 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

Simply click here for a basic run through and/or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full break down.

If you have a desire to be ‘first cab off the rank’ then phone +61.419.586.559 and organize with CELTIMANIA PROJECT GM – Mr Michael Kenna for the possibility of an ASAP meeting with our Executive Director, Robert V. Jones (yours truly).

EURO CUP - 2012

WORLD CUP - 2014



My third idea is not only one of our most outrageous projects it is also one of my major passions.

Ancient Games Ireland 2012

With the assistance of five groups;

  1. Irish Government bodies of tourism and major events;
  2. A world player in Tele-communications;
  3. Prior agreement and partnership with business sector financial input;
  4. Major Corporate Naming Rights plus Gold, Silver, Bronze Sponsors;
  5. Multi-media & Television including free to air and pay-per-view.

This idea is for just prior (by three weeks) to the MODERN OLYMPIC GAMES, LONDON - 2012… I would like to stage the ANCIENT CELTIC GAMES, IRELAND. With one of the priority marketing grabs being;




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“What is waiting for us around the next corner?” Is it just another one of those recessions we have to have, or are we headed into another PRE-WAR full blown DEPRESSION. Either way the common man is in for a storm. The housing market for the first time in a long time has faltered; values are stagnating and beginning to decrease. The business man is also feeling a pinch as his Stocks and Bonds are being pounded and could possibly fall much further ‘tomorrow’ or in the very near future.

Sensible parenting and family home management responsibilities are currently checking their cost of living regularly and re-evaluating their level of disposable income. Following on from these downmarket trends of our property and stock markets there is this incredible economic slowdown, fuelling the flames of fear that Government policy for possible hikes in interest rates will place those mortgage payments under further undeserved pressure.

International Oil problems, thanks to our BIG BROTHERS aborted manipulations, are now creating record petrol prices. This affects transport; this in turn affects our cost of living across the board! Now it’s time to put our ‘disposable income’ under the microscope and consider giving it a new identity, ‘discretional spending’ will have to play a major role in dictating where our money is going to be spent in the immediate future.

If Bob Jones life’s experiences have taught him anything, it’s that absolutely nothing is new, everything repeats itself eventually. Having been in the self defence industry, security business and the fight game since prior to 1963, there has been many times our beautiful country has had its share of hard times, and he has noticed the trends repeating themselves.

And these trends are that everything you have read here in this chapter of PROMOTIONAL FACTS… is that when things finally get bad enough, WE WILL FIGHT! There are three signals to identify our desire to fight one and other, ‘inflation’ before ‘recession’ followed by ‘depression’.


As the masses begin to argue with one and other. Not earning enough? Spending too much? Liberal or Labour? Of course it’s always our Governments fault for everything that goes wrong? Sack this one hire that one, thank the heavens our first ever female Prime Minister is very unique, she’s a red headed Celt who is a very religious non - believer.

But then again it is definitely the Presidents fault? America, Iraq, Iran – Israel, Palestine, Lebanon? But then again it could be North or South Korea and now Russia is getting angry? But then again, everyone knows this ‘inflation’ has ‘something’ to do with India and or China. These tit-bits constantly flounder from pubs, clubs, factories to our corporate board rooms, all the while building in aggression.


Now the masses begin to fight one and other, this social inter reaction of violence always begins at the basic level, very soon to sour out of control from the schoolyard to the workplace. At the same time our ‘night-life’ entertainment scene and domestic violence becomes a real problem within our homes.
The above listed cities are just a few that have cultural, political and age old religious indifferences that are all at the time of writing - beginning to escalate their presently volatile violence.

The next stage is usually the Government approval of police abusing demonstrators and political activists. If these normally law abiding citizens respond in their own defence (as in Thailand most recently) then the military intervene and up the anti. At this point if this anti-social behaviour continues escalation - if this ‘recession’ is not diffused there is a historical possibility, it will not be long before we potentially could see a surge of warfare in cities around the world!


If the elevation continues from ‘inflation’ through to ‘recession’ all the way into a ‘depression’ one of two things throughout all of history have always eventuated. Either most of the above named cities will escalate into quiet serious BATTLEZONES or just a couple of them will escalate their indifferences into possibly, another WAR of world potential, which has us then – all being pressured to take sides politically.

“Why the doom and gloom?” you must be asking by now, especially in a document suggesting some investment/sponsorship potential in a new project.
As Martial Artists and not unlike any conservative business man, we try always to turn a positive from a negative - even in total adversity as was just exemplified.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

In hard times and even in seemingly impossible times our natural instincts gear our psyche towards the battle, the fight at hand. How do we respond, generally we try to go around the situation or we may be forced to hit it head on with varying levels of success, depending on the integrity of our psyche.Â
For Bob Jones it’s time to go back into what he knows best, the entertainment industry, self defence, security and the fight game, and he plans to come back bigger than ever before!


This time around and if the future gets gradually tougher and tougher, there will be an army of civilians looking for a direction, a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Well, BOBS BACK and as you have already digested the CIRCUIT – SERIES Reality Television and all associate promotions are going to be in everyone’s face - Boxing, Kickboxing and Wrestling in every conceivable aspect of the ‘competitive human war machine’.

Proving to everyone that if you stand up and fight YOU can make a difference (even if only to yourself), don’t take it lying down, if you do it will run over you, fight with your heart and take no prisoners, and please say hello to Bob Jones at the next BJC – CIRCUIT PROMOTION.

Today, across Australia and New Zealand there is only approximately one to two percent of practitioners involved in ‘any aspect’ of this sport that has not been trained by someone who was taught by Bob Jones. Promoters, fighters, trainers, seconds, referees, judges, doctors and anyone to do with venue and event support.

Also inclusive, is the Victorian Government Martial Arts Board, who Bob Jones supplied his original WKA Rules to assist them in the original Legislation of the sport.

Last but not least he passed on his personal MBO (Management By Objective) instructional format to every Promoter, Manager, Trainer, Fighter, Event staff including Referees and Judges in Australia and New Zealand. This MBO is all you need to understand the entire business of promoting including Financial Investors, Sponsorships Packages and Media Relationships. Right now even as you read this chapter this entire MBO - Marketing Package is spreading around the Globe to interested parties wanting to become involved with this BOB JONES CIRCUIT - MARKETING MACHINE.

In the inaugural state of Victoria Bob taught and handed over the reigns, first of all to one of his more successful entrepreneur students… Christopher Chronis, who was already famous within the fashion industry and had expressed interest in becoming involved in this form of entertainment, he took control instantly without a problem being in charge of all BJC - SUPER SHOW Promotions for the next ten years, only retiring to pursue his new career internationally with the Hugh Heffner family and the famous Playboy merchandise syndication.

Upon this departure of Christopher Chronis, Bob Jones quickly turned to another young student of his with aspiring entrepreneurial skills and once again, spent the necessary time passing on his knowledge. For the next fifteen years, like him or hate him Tarik Solak and his Promotions Company would take the sport to exciting new levels, and he continues to do just that extensively internationally and he still finds time for the odd promotion in Australia.

Since the very beginning (inaugural BJC event 9th September 1976) Bob Jones has travelled to all corners of Australasia assisting, training, teaching ‘everyone’ from grass roots beginning with teaching students how to fight up to and including the teaching of ‘all promoters’ in every state in this country and both islands of New Zealand exactly how the Promotion Machine works.

Due to this experience he has always been in demand as an advisor at International Conventions orchestrated by the WKA as well as many other opposition sanctioning bodies, which developed the concept of co-sanctioning between these groups.

If you check out the WKA – MMA site you will see that Bob Jones is planning a huge resurgence for new promoters of suburban and all country areas nationwide. He is currently taking seminars teaching all interested parties how to approach Investors and Sponsors and Media for this level of promotions from levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 (i.e. #1 Promotions without any titles, #2 State titles, #3 National & #4 International titles. If you are a promoter anywhere in the world or if you are interested in becoming one – if you are reading this chapter and you have an interest its as simple as contacting Head Office c/o Mr Michael Kenna: +61 419 586 559 – we can do business.

Right now is the time to capitalize on this foundation that has been put together over such a long period of time. Â As well as working with well established promoters while training new identities to fill this void from Chris Chronis to Tarik Solak both moving overseas to improve their careers. It is now time for the Original Creator, Founder and Architect of this exciting sport sweeping the Planet at this very moment - to come back and show everyone how Level #5 Shows can be put together, in an exciting and completely new format. Again this will put us years ahead of the competition, which is something he has always been known for. For a simple easy to understand preview scan down the windows on the left side of this site from Hells Belles! & Who will Win?

For these brand new exciting theme Level #5 Shows to expand Nationwide immediately Mr Bob Jones needs Promotional Business Partners right now in every state of Australia. Another reason for this opportunity of Promotional Business Partners is that Mr Bob Jones time is more and more in demand in Europe.
Here is an opportunity for International, National and State Sponsors to get involved.

Here is an opportunity for National & International TV Networks to get involved in record ratings SUPER SHOWS.






“Are ‘you’ up for that?”

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If you have the time to browse through the below listed websites there is a connection to everything in this BJC – Proposal for Investment and or Sponsorship Involvement, especially in that last chapter BOBS BACK regarding PROMOTIONAL FACTS, as you will see within AVENUES OF RESEARCH with all or any of these websites.

All of America, much of Europe and some Asian countries are at least a year ahead of us here in Australia in this world wide ‘recession’, and they are beyond the argument stage and are beginning to fight.

The action and reaction graph lines of social oppression and self defence awareness and mass interest are indicative of the information intertwined between all of the following websites:


Are selling out 65.000 seater stadiums and going world wide on pay per view. This is all about the eight BEST HEAVYWEIGHTS coming from EIGHT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES and on the one night seven will lose and one reigns supreme as undefeated and K1 – INTERNATIONAL  GRAND CHAMPION.


Are selling out Major Stadiums in 20 minutes of opening sales. Recently Pay-Per-View had UFC topping a MILLION buyers for a single event; they plan to crack the million Pay-Per-View sales numbers regularly during 2010. This is promoted as men in a cage fighting with about as many rules as Greece had for it’s Pankration fighters on the CIRCUIT almost three thousand years ago (776 BC;).

Their pay-per-view has overtaken BASEBALL one of the USA four traditional sports. And now the other three majors are keeping an eye on this CAGEFIGHTING WAR ZONE SPORT as it climbs the charts.

*A very recent success of UFC was their Sydney, Australia UFC 114 which broke records selling 18,500 seater in two hours without having mention of the Fight Card – Sold Out literally by UFC name! Releasing fighters names one week later…


The name says it all and this concept is following in the footsteps of its big brother the UFC, and is sweeping across America. This is promoted as the lighter weight division men fighting in a cage with about as many rules as Rome had for its GLADIATORS more than two thousand years ago.


Recently enjoyed mass Media, Sponsorship and Television support all over Turkey, he personally starred in a recent feature film with the promise of a future second career in the wings in this his home city.

His A1 Promotion Machine recently broke all records with sold out stadiums with capacities of 40-65,000 fans. His better known Australian fighters are now household names in his native country of Turkey.


Sammy Soliman from Melbourne, one of Australia’s most popular boxers went to the USA and competed and came third in the CONTENDER - AMERICA SERIES 1, again proving “When the going gets tough – the tough get going”. This is the Latest reality show with a difference, eight boxers in the same weight division living together as mates in-house during the week - then punching the crap out of each other on the weekends.


John Wayne Parr from Brisbane, one of Australia’s most popular Kickboxers went to Asia and competed and came second to a much more experienced Thai-fighter, this was in the CONTENDER - ASIA SERIES 1, again proving ‘Its not the size of the DOG in the fight - it’s the size of the fight in the DOG’. This time it was eight famous kick-boxers in the same weight division living as mates in-house during the week – then punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing the crap out of one and other on the weekends. And yes, the ratings are also way over the TOP!


Chuck Norris giving back to the concept that gave him so much, his WCL is now into multiple series and has increasing ratings ongoing. The WCL has more rules than its competition as Chuck Norris has more concern for his fighter’s chances of serious injury and their staying power as competitors. No cage, no ropes, they fight on an elevated round stage within three colours giving their distinction of aggression for their points.


Master Toddy Situjana (a good friend of Robert V. Jones from many promotions of the early nineties and training in Thailand together) is the mind behind this Reality Television concept which has proved its popularity with multiple seasons. Tons of sex appeal with the excitement of women donning boxing gloves and going for it with a passion in between all of the typical feminine social disasters.


‘BOBS BACK’ Promotions featuring these CIRCUIT CONCEPTS displayed throughout this website are in the initial stages of being launched across Australia, Europe, America, Canada & Asia in the very near future. Â And yes, the ratings will definitely be way over the TOP everywhere!
Listed here are some websites for your due diligence & personal satisfaction that all ‘inferior products’ to the concepts discussed here are already extremely successful receiving high ‘live show attendances’ & ever growing ‘television ratings’.























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In 1927 Dr E. A. Speiser an Archaeologist discovered a stone tablet in Baghdad Iraq depicting two men getting ready for a prize fight; the tablet is believed to be 7,000 years old. Fist fighting is depicted in Sumerian relief carvings dated to 5,000 B.P. Two depictions show bare fisted contests.
Fist fighting with kicking and throwing is also described in several ancient Indian texts including the Vedas, the Ramayana, and the Mahabarata, as well as excavations done in Moheniadaro and Harappa. Early evidence of limited rules for fist fighting with a kind of gloves can be found on Minoan Crete (c. 3,500 B.P.).

A similarity to these Ancient Celtic Games, in fact a very precise copy was followed on in more modern times in Greece (only three thousand years ago). The celebration of fighting based Festival Games known as the ‘GOLDEN CIRCUIT’. These were held in four different cities of Greece, these being Isthmia, Pythia, Nemia and Olympia and are fully recorded for a thousand years from 776 BC; until their religious demise in 393 A.D.
The Greeks were the first known to record extensively their rules, fighting divisions and all the results of their Athletics. During these thousand years before Jesus Christ the word ‘Athlete’ symbolised ‘Abstinence’. They swore on the Olympic oath that as long as they were competitors representing their various cities they would not have sexual intercourse with members of their opposite sex.

(Many trainers still today ask their fighters to forgo any sexual activity for various periods of time leading up to a serious bout, controversially believing it to be a drain on energy recourses. Some trainers with an alternative train of thought think their protégé, by abstaining, will really want to punish their adversaries for being the reasons they have gone without).

These Greek athletes trained in a gymnasium with nasium being the Latin word for nudity, meant just that, these male athletes trained together in the gym in the nude. At these Ancient Greek Olympics ‘women’ were never allowed to enter the stadiums under penalty of instant death by stoning – all Ancient Olympians not only trained, they also ‘always’ competed in the nude. From their records we see that unlike modern fighting concepts, there were no weight classes. Fighting styles were not separated into rounds and had no time limit, ending with a knockout, or a fighter abandoning the fight or frequently at the death of one of the fighters. Although gloves were not used in practice, in competition fighters wrapped their hands in strips of hardened leather which protected the fist and caused very unpleasant injuries for the opponent.

From Boxing to the PANCRASE FIGHTERS to the Charioteers racing, every athletic event was staged in the arenas in front of 40-50,000 roaring ‘male fans’, everyone that is - except the wrestlers. They had special entertainment value for the aristocracy of the times with Aristotle himself with his top athletic student Alex, later to become known as Alexander ‘The Great’, you would have seen Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, all of the important Politicians and many other Intellectuals of the time. Seasoned young well oiled fit ‘athletic’ wrestlers entertained these wise men and their young academic students privately, away from the humdrum of the arena. They fought in front of the religious alter while dedicating their match to ZEUS, their temple God.

During this Greek Renaissance it was customary for these elderly academic leaders of the society to have this interest in these ‘athletes’ and these young boys. They believed emphatically that to be a good leader of men and have anyone take notice of you either politically or as a leader within the military – it was important for these young protégés to be extremely strong in all of the athletic competitions, especially Boxing, Wrestling and Pancrase.

“Without applying a restrictive readership rating, perhaps the reader can guess what the conquerors (these gymnasium trained athletes) ‘did’ to entertain their ‘peers’ as they eventually overpowered, locked up and pinned their ‘prey’ forcing them by pressure of extreme pain to tap out three times to signify total defeat and total submission”.

As exemplified by Raffaello Sanzio with his attitude of the times in his famous painting, The School of Athens that today hangs in The Vatican. Here Raffaello portrays Plato as the character in the centre left carrying under his left arm his major writing of the day, the REPUBLICAN. With his right index finger pointing skyward, symbolising all men being born equal in the face of God, were entitled to State education and like his finger is indicating, ‘rise to any heights’ imaginable.

Sanzio has also included Aristotle (as well as 48 other incredible academics born over a span of a thousand years in this one painting – thus the paintings name), he is holding his book of the day, POLITICS and with his right hand held out and flat facing down. He is saying “No” referring to the masses as ignorant, and that they should at all times be kept ‘down’, be kept unintelligent and easily controllable. They should be taught simply to work hard and to pay their taxes on time.

His book on Politics includes eight volumes in one book and in volume six he discusses in detail the best fitness exercise regime for his ‘chosen’ aspiring intellectuals.

In due time European academia would adapt this Oligarchic concept and call themselves Aristocrats.

Two thousand years later, four hundred years ago some very wise men from all over Europe took the Plato Republican principles to America and the idea was to create a new and different world, the rest is history for the reader to think about this, ‘Brave New World’.
My whole point for the reader here is the Ancients and throughout all of our known history, their attachment to fitness and fighting skills as a means of winning whether it be in War or Academia or both.

Homer’s LLiad (ca. 675 BC.) contains a detailed account of fighting (BOOK XXIII). According to the LLIAD, Mycenaean warriors included all forms of fighting among their Athletic competitions honouring their dead (similar to the much earlier Aryan Celtic warriors as reported in the Reg Vedas).

Another old Greek legend holds that the heroic ruler Theseus, said to have lived around the 9th century BC, invented a form of competition in which two men ‘sat face to face’ and beat each other with their fists until one of them was killed. In time the competitors began to fight standing up with wrappings (with embedded spikes) on their fists and arms below the elbows, although as stated in the previous paragraph they were completely naked besides this bandaging of the fists.

This nakedness was exactly as the Celts had done thousands of years earlier for both Funeral Games sporting events and battlefield strategies. The Celts believed if they died in the face of battle this would have their soul unencumbered as it passed to the eternal to be at rest with their SUN-GOD Father. Spartans, Vikings, Saxons like the Celts and all early warriors used no-rules or very minimum rules as a way to prepare and enhance their shield and sword fighting skills. Their overall fitness and athletic skills were honed with these regular Festival Games competitions having them all battle ready at all times.
Boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC, being called Pygme or Pygmachia and also Pugilism. Participants trained on punching bags (called a Korykos). Fighters wore hard leather straps (called himantes) over their hands and wrists, to protect them from injury. The no - rules fighters were the overall crowd draw into these fifty thousand seater Greek stadiums, they were athletes known as PANCRATION FIGHTERS (PANCRASE – the Game of ‘all powers’ were the equivalent of today’s Kickboxers’).

Approximately 250 BC; the Romans invaded Greece; they liked the Games concept, and allowed the Games to continue whilst only changing the name from CIRCUIT GAMES to CAPITOLINI GAMES.

With only two other minor changes, submission by the age-old ‘Tap out’ was made illegal (‘TAPOUT’ is today’s apparel company brand name of the American WEC – World Extreme Cagefighting).

Secondly, the PANCRASE FIGHTER had a name change to GLADIATOR (They were today’s equivalent of the Octagon Cage-fighter, who by the way can legally ‘Tap out’ again) and instead of submitting in defeat, these GLADIATOR matches ended mostly in death at the whim of the events promoter, or the Emperor himself.

Very famous GLADIATORS fighting at major events would have the Emperors whim for life and death decided by his extended arm with the raising or lowering of his thumb. Continuously, bigger stadiums had to be built catering to the ever expanding crowds.

After the infamous meeting of Nicea in 325 A.D., with Emperor Constantine’s support of the birth of the Catholic Religion, it was decided Christians would no longer be crucified at the Games at the hands of the Gladiators, Lions and many other human eating wild animals.

Within seventy years it was further decided that to stop the worshipping of Pagan Champions at these events, the then Catholic Pope and Christian Emperor Theoposius banned these Ancient Olympics in 393 A.D., And in 500 A.D. boxing was banned altogether by Theodoric the Great.

However, this edict had little effect outside the Major Cities of the Eastern Empire. By this time Western Europe was no longer part of the Roman Empire. Boxing or Bare - Knuckle Prize Fighting as it had become known, which as often as not used throws, grappling with elbows, knees and kicks with no rounds or time limit remained popular all over Europe throughout the middle Ages and beyond. There were two basic reasons for such extraordinary popularity of this aggression within the community, one being the economic plight of the common man during this era, fighting was a way of survival – the other being that outside of the failing Roman Empire the populations of Western Europe and beyond were basically a very strong mix of the dispersed lineage of the ancient Celtic warriors from earlier millenniums.

Desperation following medieval times, the Dark Ages and following into the era of the INQUISITION, the common man continued to fight for at least ‘some money’ when generally there was none?

Due to the terrible conditions they had to fight under, fighting deaths were always on the increase easing slightly with the introduction of boxing rules in 1743 by English Bare - Knuckle Champion, John “Jack” Broughton. During his career he basically made kicking, grappling and the throwing down an opponent illegal, and definitely no more striking of an opponent after he had been felled to the floor. He invented ‘boxing gloves’ called ‘muffles’ mainly for protection of the hands and to avoid face cuts during sparring; although they were never designed for actual combat. It would be more than another hundred years before these rules would be expanded upon by the British boxing Association in 1883 to become known as the ‘London Prize Ring Rules’.

The 1743 John “Jack” Broughton rules came to Australia on the early Convict Gallie’s arriving here in 1788 and controlled the extremely popular Bare - Knuckle Prize fighting for the next hundred years. By the end of the nineteenth century the Baron Marquess of Queensberry had spent much time and thought to make the sport of Boxing safer as the bare - knuckle style was causing incredible injuries and death rate. They were still fighting 50+ rounds lasting 3 – 4 hours in the open in all weather conditions. The Baron (During 1863) designed the modern ring with ropes, introduced maximum 15 by three minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds, three judges to score for a winner of bouts going the distance. He introduced British Gentlemen’s boxing gloves, the eight to ten count for a knock down or a knock out, allowing the referee to have much more control over safety - all instantly halving the death rate. It would be another forty, almost fifty years (early 1900’s) before Irish Celtic bare knuckle fighters would finally be pressured into wearing ‘British Gentlemen’s boxing gloves’.
Another hundred years and we found 87% of the remaining deaths were beyond the twelfth round and through to the fifteenth. With one or both fighters damaged or simply over exhausted and/or dehydrated. Recently (30 years ago) sealing at twelve rounds dropped the death rate by this almost 90% in today’s world of boxing.

Today’s twelve rounds of three minutes being a total 36 minutes actual fighting with one minute rest between rounds means the fight lasts a total time of (36+11 minutes rest time) 47 minutes ring time.

With safety first in mind and entertainment a close second, ticket prices demand the audience enjoys what they are paying for. Bob Jones has watched boxing all of his life along with every other fighting style imaginable. Boxing often became boring to him during those fifteen and now twelve rounds as often fighters are both using several of these middle rounds for a rest. Another pet hate of Bob Jones is one fighter/boxer holding on to a better boxer to tire him which often spoils what could have been a good fight.

Separating the illegal grappling out of the boxing skills has been achieved by full frontal defensive *SHOOTS (penalties apply for attacking with a SHOOT). Three legal defensive SHOOTS during any one round will be a disqualification to the fighter that was responsible for holding. This ‘THREE SHOOT RULE’ will result by disqualification being recorded as a TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT.

*SHOOT – This concept was borrowed from modern Olympic Greco wrestling, it is a trainers command word with reference to take the opponent to the ground. Â

*Following here is a full description of all FIVE Professional WARS - Sanctioned Title Time Frames with all rest periods - all titles challenges have twenty one options of WARS – Rules of weight divisions to best suit their particular weight division for competition fairness and safety:


All five round Title fights will be of five minute’s duration having two minutes rest periods, all inclusive whether they are Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling or MMA World Titles.

MMA Titles that are nine rounds of three minutes duration will have a majority of one minutes rest period, except rounds three & six where two minutes are allowed for removal of boots to prepare for Kickboxing and three minutes for exchanging boxing/grappling gloves to accommodate wresting techniques in the final three rounds.


All titles are five rounds of four minute’s duration with one and a half minutes rest.


All titles are five rounds of three minute’s duration with one minutes rest.


All Bouts are five rounds of two/three minute’s duration with one minutes rest. Times frames here are affected by prize money.


Titles are five rounds of two minute’s duration with one minutes rest.


Both Bouts are five rounds of one minute’s duration with one minutes rest. (Novice Amateur bouts are of three rounds of ONE minute’s duration and ONE minute’s rest period).

The above titles and rounds and rest times are for WARS – World All-Styles Rules & Sanctioning system professional divisions. Amateur fighters gaining WAR – (War All-Styles Ratings) by competing with three rounds of one minute duration - generally are not of the experience for these level promotions.

Amateurs simply need experience to improve before attempting five round main event or title status. Â Amateur fighters with ability for five round main event and or title status (‘generally’ 10-15 Amateur bouts would be applicable) will be used occasionally on CIRCUIT PROMOTIONAL support cards.

The Ancient Games staged in Greece 3000 years ago which ran six times every four years for 1000 years (not ONCE every four as the MODERN OLYMPICS are today) were totally professional with considerable prize money, comparable with today’s money values pro rata.
Back then a full time soldier in the militia would earn 1200 Drachmas for twelve months wages, whereas most athletes would compete for between 1000 and 1500 Drachmas per event. Fanatical GAMBLERS waged fortunes on these Ancient Games Events known then as the GOLDEN CIRCUIT Pancration fighters. Followed by the GLADIATORS of the Capitolini Games of Rome.

The highest paid athletes, the equivalent of today’s Kickboxers and Cage Fighters, were these Pankration Fighters. Actually they were the Main Event crowd draw of these Games Festivals; they fought for between 3,500 to 5,000 Drachmas for each contest. With six events every four years they could compete professionally at each of these events.Â

For the recent one hundred years since the Pierre Coubertin creation of:


Have been promoted under strict amateur rules

Having made such a study of the history of the FIGHT GAME and having life’s experience by past and present information, Bob Jones has no intention of promoting his CIRCUIT CONCEPTS and going down the same path of amateurism as Pierre Coubertin and his Modern Olympics.

If not for the Romans and their new religion of the time cancelling the Ancient Olympics, these Games with Celtic roots of many, many millennia would have continued as always up until our times latest third millennia.

Since these new modern Games have evolved over the past ‘one hundred years’ (since 1896), the WORLD as we know it has changed more than any other preceding one hundred years.

More population, more natural catastrophes, more disasters, more wars, more violence resulting in more deaths – This century has also had more creations, inventions, air travel, mass media communication via television, telephone, pay-per-view, World Wide Web, world economics and of course all of the above fuels world corruption.

All of this society ‘power growth’ supporting these Modern Olympics ‘power growth’ added together, and if history teaches us anything over and over, it is that power corrupts and total power - totally corrupts.

Move over Modern Olympic Games amateurs, here come the professionals. The Ancient Olympic Games and their BJC – BOB JONES CIRCUIT PROMOTIONS, plus the *CELTIC (*Connecting Europe’s Lost Tribal International Cultures) Funeral Games from long-long ago, even before antediluvian times, this fighting system has a history of ten plus more millennium.

Today the Japanese K1 – INTERNATIONAL , the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) the CONTENDER Reality Television Series, Chuck Norris WCL – World Combat League, American Fight Girls have set the pace… now all of these BOB JONES PROMOTIONAL CONCEPTS will come to the forefront and claim rightfully the Number One Position for ‘mass entertainment’, this is as simple as the fact of: