This is a concept I devised in 1990. Like everybody, I had noticed the power of international marketing, the multi-nationals competing for the consumers elusive dollar. Having developed over the years several different types of self defence disciplines (see Martial Arts of website) which in turn we encourage all instructors to develop an awareness of debit/credit. We do this by promoting all to develop their own club logo/insignia, t-shirts, track suits etc. This is a quick lesson in small business principles, if they don''t have many students this is not particularly cost effective. In television they call it ''the rating points game'' in business it''s called ''the numbers game'', there is no difference.

Instructors are encouraged to ''discover'' how to attract new students, and our teachers are encouraged to develop more instructors for new clubs for new students.

Back to why I devised Fighting Fit Leisurewear, with clubs expanding around the world on a regular basis, this is ''our label'' as a unified group. All of our different martial arts within the BJC (all with their own merchandise, giving them their own individual identity) can stand and be identified as unified members of the Bob Jones Corporation (BJC) under the banner of ''Fighting Fit''.