Good Times

In 2001 Bob Jones wrote a biography of these behind the scenes touring adventures titled ‘LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL’ which still sells today to most new members of his Martial Arts Empire.

Bob Jones Corporation

Bob JonesFrom the very beginning, even before my beginning in martial arts, my organisation has always been known as the Bob Jones Corporation and/or BJC.

From the early sixties when I first began dance hall promotions and then as I moved into the security manpower business - all the guys that formed an alliance with me, were proud to be known as the BJC.

Then in 1970
(after having begun my training in 1965), I became a professional martial arts instructor.

In what seemed no time at all, I had hundreds of black belts and many of them worked nights with my bouncers (crowd controllers). As this was all connected to me, they all felt apart of this new growth pattern of the
Bob Jones Corporation (BJC)

Then came the festivals and major events, we just kept producing more and more black belts and the BJC continued its growth rate, and the pride grew equally as powerful.

Then came the touring around the world with anyone who was anyone and the rest became history.

In the new millennium, I became aware these black belts were now ten, twenty and some thirty years older than when this all began. From the scope of this, I saw how diversified these thousands of black belts had become throughout our community and indeed throughout the entire world resulting in the coming together (the gathering) of these thousands of black belts as:

Bob Jones International Associates - Resource Management Group