‘A Voz da Lusitania’ (ie, ‘The Voice of Ancient Celts’)
The Album

As for my third trip to Portugal and Spain in three consecutive years I am really disappointed with my aspirations for Emilia, she’s that 15yr girl I found singing in a downtown fado-house on our first trip to Lisbon (three trips later and she’s now 18 years old).

During this third tour of duty we recorded an amazing (Celtic Arconic Music) fado album, which we titled - ‘A Voz da Lusitania’ (ie,’The voice of ancient Celts).

Emilia sings all the tracks with the voice of a Celtic angel. Currently at University in Portugal studying choreography, her passion is her desire to be a ‘professional entertainer’ and fadista. She is in great athletic shape – her birthright makes her an unquestionable Brazilian beauty – and her natural choreographic skills already give her an incredible stage presence.

As Emilia was born in Brazil I am sending her demo tapes to the major Publishing & Distribution Houses of her country of birth. If you are a Marketing Exec’ in Brazil and you have recently listened to this amazing voice and you want to move on to the next step – do not hesitate to contact us at; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am confident and I feel you will agree this album is a natural for the Brazilian Market and every Portuguese migrant world wide. Having had the ‘voice of fado’ touring the world during all of the 20th Century with the amazing Amalia - plus during this first decade of the 21st Century with Mariza - is solid proof there is a growing market for these incredible voices exporting these Portuguese and Brazilian Cultures to the English speaking fraternity.

What it needs now to capitalize on these proven statistics and open a new market to the young at heart, is youth; here is an eighteen year old with a voice powerful enough to shake the world on its axis. We have a hundred ‘Celtic mythology based songs’ written and ready for selection and production for both Portuguese fado and the exciting style of up tempo Brazilian samba influence. Add to this the professional production mixture of both Portuguese-Celtic and Brazilian-Latino Cultures – and we have a special effects stage show to entertain the planet. Why delay? We look forward to your contribution