From the beginning to the end of our Severa journey we the audience, are often reminded by her mother, Sarah – that for every Portuguese word she has ever learned, she knows another word of the same meaning.

She explains that these words were taught to her as a child by her mother and her Grandmother as she was growing up on the other side of the mountains. She had always done her best to teach this “language of the Lusitanian’s” and their “culture and mythology” to her daughter. Especially when she realized Severa, had the singing voice of an angel. Her mother knew that if Severa understood these unknown truths, she would not only sing fado from the heart – she would now sing fado from her soul!

During the recent two hundred years of modern fado there have been ‘three immortal singing sisters of choice’. All three were not only chosen because of their radiant beauty and magnificent voices, they were also chosen to be reminders and to be educators of these ancient ways of the Portuguese, not only at home but also to those who have travelled to all corners of the globe - It is this “Lusitanian fado” that unites the eternal spirit of all those who really listen.

SEVERA! - 1820

The first of these three immortal sisters was born in 1820; her name that you now know so well was of course Severa, she was the first chosen because it was her that woke fado from a long sleep. We know she sang fado from her heart and soul; this is evident from her overwhelming popularity almost two hundred years after her passing over.

AMALIA - 1920

The second sister by choice that also sang fado from her heart and soul, born one hundred years later in 1920, and of course everyone of you all know Amalia. She was chosen as sister number two because she understood that fado had to be taken around the world and introduced to every one of all nations, “When I listen to Amalia, I don’t understand her language, but she makes you love fado with a indescribable passion?” was the whole worlds response! And since her untimely passing over at almost eighty years of age, on October 6th 1999, she has become even more of an icon.

EMILIA - 2020

Between now and the year 2020 the world of fado will have perfect vision of the youngest of the three chosen sisters, whom you already know well from her brilliant performance as Severa – this also makes you well aware she sings from her heart and her soul. Currently eighteen years of age Emilia, is “The Voice of Lusitania”. The exclusive lyrics to her songs are all penned by Mr Ivo Rato, Lusitanian historian and Celtic anthropologist, and together as a successful singer and songwriter team, they will “tell” the world…

“The truth so that it will be easily understood – then it shall be believed”.

The one major difference between Emilia and her two mentors, Severa in the nineteenth century and Amalia all through the twentieth century is that for these two hundred years they both sang Portuguese fado.

Now in the twenty first century Emilia sings only ‘her fadoand that is “LUSITANIAN FADO” this is why she is ‘THE VOICE’ - of the 21st Century.

There we have it, three immortal ‘sisters by choice’
Severa, Amalia and now, Emilia!

SEVERA! Directors Notes


These Directors notes have been included for interested parties to have a more decisive understanding of the plays intricate writings of the Lusitanian fado, as well as the otherwise complicated frequent discussions and philosophical arguments that develop from time to time between Sarah and Miai. Sarah, with her mothers and wonderful Grandmothers Celtic ‘wisdom’ from ‘beyond the mountains’, doing battle with Professor Miai and his ‘knowledge’ gained from his University studies. Here are just a few Celtic expressions to make you more informed about the Lusitanian people and ‘their’ connection to Celtic culture and Celtic mythology: