Muhammad addressing Kickboxing fans to the chant of Ali, AilBob Jones with Muhammad AliIn between my bodyguard to the stars international touring, and my Australia wide BJC - martial arts seminar commitments, for the decade between the mid seventies and the mid eighties I also traveled the world for major international kickboxing events in association with two very good friends, Mr Robin Webb and Mr Jim Wright. Always controversial, Robin was an English born, American promoter and ex-boxer who had sparred extensively with Cassius Clay prior to becoming Muhammad Ali. During this period of time Jim was the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Canadian Representative.

In 1983 they contracted me for seven days to be part of the promotional opening of the Edmonton, Canadian Shopping Centre, at the time the largest in the world. A host of Hollywoods elite were present including Sylvester Stallone. The then wife of Ali co-ordinated an international fashion parade. Muhammad Ali had been contracted to spar at a charity benefit, his opponent was Dave Semenko who at the time was the hottest Ice Hockey player in Canada.

The connection between Muhammad Ali and Bob Jones was the fact I had organised the security surrounding Ali''s wifes fashion parade during the centres promotion week. Jim and Robin had organised my International Referees License with the Canadian Boxing Association.

On the last night they had staged a sell-out audience (25,000) for a night of spectacular kickboxing. On the support card was new up and comer Canadian fighter, Peter ''Sugar Foot'' Cunningham. I had alternated with another referee controlling the fights. The highlight of the seven day promotion was the fact my friends, Jim and Robin, had organised for me to referee the bout between Dave Semenko and Muhammad Ali.

Bob Jones referring a demonstration bout in Canada
between "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali and Dave Semenko